Dominik Blum

Camenisch - Blum

Raphael Camenisch: saxofones
Dominik Blum: piano, electronics

The art of combining energy, construction, improvisation, and composition, using natural and electronic sound, brought this duo together. They have been working together steadily since 2000 developing programs and concepts for very diverse spaces and room atmospheres. This has covered a range from spontaneous performances in art caf�s (like in May 2000 in the Art-igen Bar, Z�rich) through the muscial infusion of churches (as in March 2003 in St. Ulrich's, Winterthur) to compositions for Hammond organ, eletronics, and saxophone (among others a specially-composed piece by the young Z�rich composer Thomas L�ubli to be heard October 1 in Qbus, Uster). The stylistic clarity and the agility of the duo allow them to go beyond normal limits in tailoring their music to the form, space, aesthetics, and ambiance of the venue. Their method is to use modules, and their great experience is palpable.
Translation: Blake Alcott


modern works by
- Edison Denisow
- Daniel Glaus
- Urs Peter Schneider
- John Anthony Lennon
- Giacinto Scelsi
- Piet Swerts
- Improvisations

commissions to

- Michael Heisch
- Thomas L�ubli