Dominik Blum


music two

Concept for a sixteenth-tone piano and live-electronics by Dominik Blum

A sixteenth-tone piano of the piano factory Sauter, an analogue synthesizer (Korg MS 20, EMS Synthi A, Waldorf, or something similar), a delay apparatus with LFO generator (DOD Delay Sampler or something similar), and speakers.


A dynamic microphone takes up the piano and channels it directly into the Delay, while the synthesizer plays automatically.


The sixteenth-tone piano is applied as a ,glissando machine', exploiting its ability - due to the tones' extreme proximity - to achieve glissando effects.


Play rapid chromatic, diatonic, as well as whole-tone scales - including arpeggios with both diminished and seventh chords - both upwards and downwards. In between, there is room as well for both single tones and clusters.


The Delay is to be adjusted so that the feedback is at maximum position, with continually changing setting, while the LFO produces its own swathes of glissandi. The electronic feedback is part of the music and should be welcomed.


Regarding the analogue synthisizer, all available oscillators, ring modulators, filters and LFOs should be displaced in large amplitudes of wave movement. These various and different waves produce in turn their own under- and overtone glissandi.


What arises is a siren type of music, mobile, powerful, full of surprises.


Duration: indefinite.


D.Blum September 2001




music three

A space-sound improvisation concept by Dominik Blum.

A microphone, a tape recorder, an analogue filter, a speaker, and a performer.


With the help of the tape recorder, the microphone and the speaker are placed in a feedback situation. Room sounds are made to resound, provoked through the influence of the filter system.


A static, one-, two-, at most three-voiced music fills the room.


Duration: indefinite.


D.Blum März 2002




Listen to: «The Peacemaker»