Dominik Blum

Kordzaia - Blum
Tamriko Kordzaia

The Pianoduo Kordzaia - Blum

Tamriko Kordzaia and Dominik Blum: pianos, electronics


The pianoduo Kordzaia - Blum was founded in 2003. Initial event has been the first performance of the work «Medus Runs The Voodoo Down» by the californian composer David Dramm in october 2003 in Zurich which gives the main direction in the word of the duo: the studying of pieces in the middlefield of avantgarde and popular styles of the 20./21. century. In this way compositions by Felix Profos (CH) , Nikakoi (Georgia) and Cornelius Cardew (UK) have been performed. At the other side highlights of the classical avantgarde take their space in the duo's repertory: works by Alfred Zimmerlin (CH), Morton Feldman, Urs Peter Schneider (CH) and Gjörgy Ligeti . Last but not least: combining energy and construction is a main theme in the interpretations of the duo including also electronic sound sources.


DB, may 2005