Dominik Blum

Raving Song System
Raving Song System

Raving Song System

Simone Vollenweider, vocal, electronics
Remo Signer, drums
Dominik Blum, Rhodes piano, piano, electronics


A new groove project has its first performance. Inspired by Minimalism, hardcore and amient trip hop, including the experience of the early Crimson and free improvised music, the trio around the keyboarder Dominik Blum puts a one hour chunk in the hall on which nothing except pulse is determined: free improvised processes, a gliding from several aggregats of standing atmospheres into powerful walls of sound. A Rhodes piano spreading sound energie from three different amps, a pulsing and agitating drum set, a female voice sometimes moving tenderly, sometimes heavy insisting over patterns from drums and keys, and, particularly — Time, a huge amount of time ...


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Raving Song System «Vol. 1»

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Foto � Daniel Rohner, Chur