Dominik Blum

Steamboat Switzerland Extended

The Steamboat Switzerland Extended Ensemble comprises the well-known trio Lukas Niggli/Marino Pliakas/Dominik Blum plus further musicians in an expanded ensemble whose goal it is to stimulate and perform compositions in the area where rock-groove and avant garde music come (or clash) together.
It was founded by Dominik Blum in 2001 and attracted quite a bit of attention with a large project, namely David Dramm's ,Orange Slice' (January & June 2002) performed, among other places, at the EXPO in Biel, Switzerland. In contrast to other similar groups, the Extend Ensemble knows no compromise when it comes to aesthetics, volume, and high-pressure sound, instead delivering on stage radical, experimental groove music with the impetuosity of a rock band and the calculated intelligence of avant garde.
One of its kind in Switzerland!



CD-Cover Sederunt Principes


Steamboat Switzerland «GOOMR»

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listen to:

Orange Slice from 1. Mouvement

Orange Slice from 2. Mouvement

Orange Slice from 3. Mouvement